Discussions at previous training events Red Harbour have organised, have touched on the importance of sleep to children and young people.

To explore this topic further Red Harbour organised this event in partnership with Policy Hub Scotland and a number of renowned sleep experts – focusing on the role schools can play in educating young people about the importance of good sleep.

Social media has become a 24/7 activity and we are now really beginning to understand the impact of digital technology on sleep and the long term effects, especially on mental health.

The day covered useful and insightful practices and why sleep is so important to teenagers. The presentations covered not only the importance of sleep but the impact of poor sleep habits on the behaviours of young people and their educational attainment.

We heard from Dr Christopher-James Harvey, Director of the TEENSLEEP project and from the University of Glasgow and the sleep programme they are integrating in schools. Following this event, University of Glasgow have been running programmes in schools that we hope to feature as case studies in a follow up sleep event in Autumn 2019.

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