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Engaging boys to make positive life choices

As part of the series around ‘Supporting Boys’, Red Harbour put together a half-day training seminar for Policy Hub Scotland with a particular focus on how to support and guide boys to make positive life choices.

The emphasis was on sharing ideas, experiences and good practice, by exploring

  • The importance of engaging boys in school and learning and the potential risks if we do not
  • Support and guidance boys require as they develop into adulthood
  • The importance of role models, including peer role models
  • Working in partnership with parents and carers
  • Case studies from schools incorporating ‘Engaging Boys’ into their curriculum

The speakers were experts in their field. We were delighted to have Graham Goulden, Dave Devenney and Nick Thorpe, both from Fathers Network Scotland, Emma Dempsey from Forth Coaching, Eleanor Coner from Connect, Anne O'Donnell from St Patrick's RC primary and a personal story from Phaidraig Tierney

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